Where can I sell commercial kitchen equipment?

Where to Sell Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

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Are you looking to sell your commercial kitchen equipment? You’re in luck!

There are many places where you can sell them. Let’s explore your options.

Where to Sell Commercial Kitchen Equipment: Top Strategies


Online Marketplaces

Selling online is easy and quick. Here are the top websites:

  • eBay: is a global marketplace with a dedicated category for kitchen equipment.
  • Craigslist: Ideal for local sales without shipping hassle.
  • Amazon: Reach millions of customers, but there are fees.

Specialised Equipment Dealers

Dealers buy and sell used equipment. They make selling simple.

  • They often refurbish equipment to sell it at a good price.
  • They may offer pickup services for large items.
  • Check local directories for dealers near you.

Auction Houses

Auction houses can sell your equipment for you. They handle everything:

  • Listing: They list your items in their catalog.
  • Promotion: They advertise the auction to buyers.
  • Sale: They manage the bidding and selling process.
Where to Sell Commercial Kitchen Equipment?


Industry Trade-Ins

Trading in old equipment for new is another option. Benefits include:

  • Easier upgrade to newer models.
  • Possible discounts on new purchases.
  • Convenience of a single transaction.

Local Restaurants and Businesses

Local businesses might need what you are selling. Try these steps:

  • Make a list of nearby restaurants.
  • Contact them to see if they’re interested.
  • Offer a good deal to attract buyers.

Consignment Stores

These stores sell items for you and charge a fee. They offer:

  • A physical space for buyers to see your equipment.
  • Expertise in pricing and selling.
  • A no-hassle selling process for you.

Food Service Forums and Groups

Online communities are great for selling equipment. Here’s why:

  • Targeted audience of industry professionals.
  • Opportunity to network with potential buyers.
  • Direct communication with interested parties.

Garage Sales and Flea Markets

Don’t forget about local sales opportunities like:

  • Garage sales for quick, local transactions.
  • Flea markets have high foot traffic.
  • Fairs and community events where you can rent a booth.

Tips for Selling Your Equipment

Here are some tips to help sell your kitchen equipment:

Tip Description
Clean and Repair Make sure your equipment is clean and working well.
Take Good Photos Show the condition of your equipment with clear photos.
Set a Fair Price Research the value to set a competitive price.
Be Honest Describe any issues to avoid problems later.
Be Ready to Negotiate Be open to offers and ready to discuss the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Sell Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

Selling used commercial kitchen equipment is feasible online through specialised business-to-business marketplaces, auction sites, or local restaurant forums.

What Are the Top Sites to Sell Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

Where to Sell Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

Popular platforms include eBay, Craigslist, and industry-specific sites like The Webstaurant Store and Equipment Trader.

How is used commercial kitchen equipment priced?

Assess the condition, brand, age, and market demand. Comparing similar items on sales platforms helps set a competitive price.

Is selling commercial kitchen equipment online profitable?

Yes, it can be profitable, especially if the equipment is well-maintained and in high demand among food service businesses.



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