Where to Buy Fire Bricks for Pizza Oven?

Where to Buy Fire Bricks for Pizza Oven

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Making your own pizza oven? You’ll need the right bricks.

Fire bricks are key to a great pizza oven.

They handle high heat and make your oven last.

Let’s talk about where to buy these special bricks.

What Are Fire Bricks?

Fire bricks can stand up to high temperatures.

They keep heat in, which is perfect for pizza ovens.

These bricks are also known as refractory bricks.

Types of Fire Bricks

There are different fire bricks for different needs.

  • Medium-Duty: Good for home ovens.
  • High-Duty: For more heat and longer life.
  • Insulating Fire Bricks: Lighter and keep heat well.

Why Use Fire Bricks for Pizza Ovens?

They make your pizza oven work better and last longer.

They spread heat evenly, for the perfect crust.

Where to Buy Fire Bricks

Here are some great places to buy fire bricks:

1. Local Brick Suppliers

Check out local suppliers first.

They might have what you need and can give good advice.

2. Online Stores

There are many online shops that sell fire bricks.

Some popular ones are Amazon, eBay, and specialty stores.

3. Hardware Stores

Big stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s may have them.

It’s easy to go and see the bricks yourself.

4. Masonry Supply Stores

These stores specialise in bricks and can be very helpful.

They often have high-quality fire bricks.

5. Landscape And Garden Centres

Some garden centres have materials for outdoor projects.

They might carry fire bricks for outdoor pizza ovens.


What to Look for When Buying Fire Bricks

Here are some tips for buying the right bricks:

  • Temperature Rating: Must handle pizza oven heat.
  • Size and Shape: Get the right bricks for your oven design.
  • Quality: Look for no cracks and good colour.
  • Price: Compare prices to find the best deal.
Where to Buy Fire Bricks for Pizza Oven


Price Range for Fire Bricks

Prices can vary a lot.

Here’s a quick guide:

Type Price Range (per brick)
Medium-Duty $2 – $4
High-Duty $3 to $6
Insulating $4 – $8
Where to Buy Fire Bricks for Pizza Oven


Installing Fire Bricks in Your Pizza Oven

Installing bricks is a big part of building a pizza oven.

Follow the design plans carefully.

Use the right mortar to keep bricks in place.

Make sure to dry and cure your oven before first use!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find Fire Bricks For Pizza Ovens?

Fire bricks are available at hardware stores, online marketplaces like Amazon, and specialised brick suppliers.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Fire Bricks?

Fire bricks provide excellent heat retention and distribution for optimal cooking results in pizza ovens.

How Much Do Fire Bricks For Pizza Ovens Cost?

The cost of fire bricks can vary, typically ranging from $2 to $5 per brick, depending on quality and quantity.

Are Fire Bricks Necessary For Pizza Ovens?

Yes, fire bricks are crucial for achieving the high temperatures and thermal stability required for authentic pizza baking.


Fire bricks are a must for pizza ovens.

There are many places to buy them.

Choose the right type and quality for your oven.




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