My Electric Ge Oven is Not Heating Up; Why?

My Electric Ge Oven is Not Heating Up; Why?

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Why My Electric GE Oven is Not Heating Up – Troubleshooting Tips

Is your Electric GE Oven giving you cold shoulders by not heating up?

Don’t worry, we’ll help you warm up to some quick fixes and troubleshooting tips!

Common Reasons Your Electric GE Oven May Not Be Heating Up

There are several reasons why your oven might not be working as expected.

1. Power Issues

Firstly, check if your oven is properly plugged in.

Ensure there’s no tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse.

2. Faulty Heating Elements

Look inside your oven; there are usually two heating elements.

Turn on the oven and see if both elements get warm.

If one doesn’t glow, it might need replacing.

3. Malfunctioning Thermostat

Your oven’s thermostat controls the temperature.

If it’s not working, your oven won’t heat properly.

4. Broken Oven Sensor

The oven sensor works with the thermostat.

If it’s faulty, it can cause temperature issues.

5. Issues With The Control Board

The control board is the brain of your oven.

If it’s not sending the right signals, your oven won’t heat.

Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Guide

Here’s a simple guide to find out what’s wrong with your oven.

Step 1: Check The Power Supply

  • Make sure your oven is plugged in.
  • Look at your home’s fuse box for any tripped breakers.
  • Reset them if necessary.

Step 2: Inspect The Heating Elements

  • Open the oven door and remove the racks.
  • Turn on the bake or broil setting.
  • See if the elements turn red.
  • If not, one might need replacing.

Step 3: Test The Thermostat

  • Set your oven to a specific temperature.
  • Use an oven thermometer to check the accuracy.
  • If there’s a big difference, the thermostat could be the issue.

Step 4: Check The Oven Sensor

  • Locate the sensor inside the oven.
  • It should have a resistance of 1100 ohms at room temperature.
  • If not, it may need to be replaced.

Step 5: Evaluate The Control Board

  • This step is a bit complex and might require a professional.
  • If you’re experienced, look for any burn marks or damage.
  • A multimeter can help test for continuity.
My Electric Ge Oven is Not Heating Up; Why?


When to Call a Professional

If you’ve tried these steps and your oven still won’t heat, it’s time to call a pro.

They can safely fix any complex issues.

My Electric Ge Oven is Not Heating Up; Why?


Maintenance Tips to Prevent Future Issues

Regular maintenance can keep your oven in top shape.

Clean Regularly

Wipe up spills to prevent damage to components.

Don’t use harsh chemicals inside your oven.

Check Components

Occasionally check the heating elements and sensors.

Look for any wear or damage.

Professional Inspections

Have a professional check your oven every few years.

They can catch issues before they become bigger problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Ge Oven Not Heating?

The issue might stem from a faulty heating element or a disrupted power supply.

What Causes A Ge Oven To Stop Heating?

Common causes include a burned-out bake element or a defective oven sensor.

How Do I Fix An Unheating Ge Electric Oven?

Start by checking and possibly replacing the heating elements.

Can A Power Outage Affect My Ge Oven?

Yes, power surges during outages can damage the oven’s electronic components.


It’s no fun when your GE Electric Oven won’t heat up.

But with these tips, you’re on your way to a warm and cozy kitchen once again!

Remember to stay safe and call a pro when in doubt.

Oven Troubleshooting Summary
Problem Check Action
Power Issue Plug, Circuit Breaker Ensure connection, Reset breaker
Heating Element Element Glow Replace if not heating
Thermostat Temperature Accuracy Replace if needed
Sensor Sensor Resistance Replace if faulty
Control Board Visual Check, Continuity Test Seek professional repair


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