Can Zero Water Make You Sick?

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Understanding zero water is key to knowing whether it can impact your health. Zero Water Technology aims to provide water that’s as pure as possible. Let’s dive into the details of  Zero Water to get a clear picture of how it works and what it offers.


Zero Water refers to a brand of water filtration that promises to eliminate all dissolved solids from tap water. This results in water that is free of contaminants typically found in drinking water.

Process Of Filtration

There are five stages of purification in the filtration process that Zero Water uses. This includes:

  1. A filter that removes sediment and suspended solids.
  2. An oxidation-reduction alloy that eliminates chlorine and heavy metals.
  3. Ion-exchange stages that clear away the dissolved substances.
  4. A final layer that catches any remaining impurities.

The result is water with 0 parts per million of dissolved substances, which sets the Zero Water system apart from other filters.

Can Zero Water Make You Sick? Uncovering the Truth



Drinking water straight from the tap seems convenient. But it may hide risks many are unaware of. Certain substances lurking in tap water can pose health threats. Understanding the potential contaminants is key to protecting your health.


Chemicals in tap water come from different sources. Industries release waste into water sources. Farms add pesticides that can seep into groundwater. Even homes contribute through cleaning products and medications. Over time, these chemicals can impact health.

  • Lead: Old pipes may leach lead into water.
  • Chlorine: Often used for disinfection, too much can be harmful.
  • Mercury: Industrial waste can introduce mercury into waterways.


Not all threats are visible to the naked eye. Microorganisms in tap water can be a serious concern. Bacteria, viruses, and parasites exist in contaminated water. Even with treatment, some microbes can slip through and cause sickness.

Microorganism Related Disease Symptoms
Giardia Giardiasis Stomach cramps and diarrhoea
E. coli Various infections Nausea, vomiting
Cryptosporidium Cryptosporidiosis Fever, dehydration

Regular testing and filtration can prevent these risks. Zero Water filters aim to remove many of these contaminants. But it’s important to maintain filters properly. Only then can they offer the promised protection.

Zero Water is a popular choice for clean drinking water. The filtration system promises to remove harmful substances. This means it can provide safer and tastier water. Now, let’s explore the key benefits of choosing Zero Water for your hydration needs.

Removal Of Contaminants

Zero Water filters out various contaminants. These include metals, chemicals, and organic compounds. Clean water leads to better health. Here’s a list of common contaminants removed by Zero Water:

  • Lead is known to cause health problems.
  • Mercury is a dangerous heavy metal.
  • Chlorine can impact the taste and smell of water.
  • Arsenic is a toxic substance found in some water supplies.

By reducing these substances, Zero Water supports your well-being.

Improved Taste

The water should taste good. Bad taste can stop people from drinking enough water. Zero water makes water taste better.

Here’s how the taste improves:

  1. Removes odor-causing compounds.
  2. Balances water’s pH level.
  3. Leaves you with pure-tasting water.

Refreshment comes with each glass of Zero Water.

Can Zero Water Make You Sick? Uncovering the Truth



Risks And Side Effects

Zero water filters aim to remove all impurities from water. But could this extreme purification have downsides? Let’s dive into the possible risks and side effects.

Mineral Deficiency

Water isn’t just about hydration. It supplies essential minerals, too. Zero water filters can strip away these, leading to a potential mineral deficiency. Here’s what might happen:

  • Calcium loss could lead to weaker bones.
  • Magnesium scarcity might cause muscle issues.
  • Electrolyte imbalance affects heart and nerve functions.

Consider a balanced diet or mineral supplements to counter these effects.

Acidic pH Levels

Pure water has a neutral pH level, but removing everything can tip the scale. An acidic shift may occur after filtration. Here’s a snapshot of the effects:

pH Change Possible Side Effects
Acidic (<7 pH)
  • It upsets the stomach lining
  • Leads to acid reflux
  • Corrodes teeth enamel

To minimise these risks, monitor water pH levels regularly and moderate your intake.

Can Zero Water Make You Sick? Uncovering the Truth




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