"Great People to Fly With!" is more than just our motto

The Terminal Cafe was born out of a desire to create a small and intimate space, where people can come and leave quickly without hassle. Should you visit for food, drink, or friendship, our space is designed to rescue you from a stressful day. 

Breakfast and lunch are our daily fare, with private chef dinners and theme nights to look forward to. Are you looking for a weekend brunch menu on a Monday or Tuesday? Do you need to pick up a quick lunch before heading into work? Our food and coffee menus are simple, but strong. We only want to do a few things, but do them incredibly well

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, we’re refining it; this is because The Terminal Cafe is a collaboration of experiences, destinations, and ideas about where we are in our lives, and where we would like to go. Our purposed mission is to make your ride as smooth as possible, and to give you an “up-all-night” sense of nervous excitement. We’re here to get you going––both physically and personally––whether that be through a much needed cup of coffee, the best Cuban sandwich for hundreds of miles, or genuine friendship with our staff and beloved customers.

The moral of the story is that we're here for you, because life and work can be rough and having a convenient place to unwind or catch up with friends is important. Come in and visit, and we'll prove that we're great people to fly with!


(615) 930-0985

733 Porter Road
Nashville, TN 37206

M-F: 07:00 - 17:00
Sat: 08:00 - 14:00
Sun: Closed