Great People to Fly With!

The first thing you'll notice about The Terminal Cafe is our size; but, we think that each of our sixteen seats are first class!  We set out to create a community cafe where we could share our love of people, good coffee, and great food with the people of Nashville.  We've been truly fortunate that, over time, the word has gotten out and we've been able to share that love with travelers from all over the world.

All of our food is cooked to order, and we try our best to make sure everything that comes to your table is something we can be proud of. Because of this, though we try our best, our food may take a bit longer than the average restaurant.  We're confident that you'll think it's well worth the wait!

We at the Terminal work as a team.  The owner could be making your coffee or poaching your eggs.  The manager could be ringing you up at the counter or washing dishes in the back.  A member of our kitchen could be running food to your table or rolling silverware.  If any part of your experience at our Cafe is lacking, let someone know; we would love a chance to fix it.

We hope you have a great time, and thanks for visiting!


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