Khalil Davis, Owner


Khalil Davis is a Detroit native who moved to Nashville in 2002 to study accounting at TSU. After earning his degree, it became apparent to him that accounting would stifle his creativity; after all, becoming creative with accounting is generally accepted as being illegal. Khalil made the decision to switch professions and learn about coffee. He spent a few years at Starbucks, followed by a seven year stint at Fido in Hillsboro Village. It was during this time that Khalil married Whitney, decided to leave Nashville, and then moved to Berkeley, California. In Berkley, Khalil continued to learn about coffee at the Guerrilla Cafe.

California real estate markets being what they are, Khalil found the call to root and start a family too great to resist. He returned to Nashville and stayed at the now departed Hot & Cold for two years, until he opened Coffee, Lunch in 2012. Due to forces outside of his control, Khalil relinquished his part ownership in the business and moved to Frothy Monkey, followed by three years at Fido. In 2016 we are lead to the opening of The Terminal Cafe in East Nashville.


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